Roco is the name of a small Rational Rose add-in which imports the Deputy export of a POM's dependency graph into Rational Rose as UML classes connected by UML dependencies.

Roco is distributed with Deputy and the Deputy BSD license also applies to Roco.

To install Roco, execute /roco/setup.exe. If you need to change the suggested installation directory D:\Programme\Roco\ for some reason, you need to patch the Windows registry after the execution of the setup as follows:

  1. Open the file roco.reg, which you find in the directory you installed Roco in, and change the value D:\Programme\Roco to the directory you installed Roco in.
  2. Double-click roco.reg to update the registry.

To use Roco to create a UML dependency diagram in Rational Rose go about as follows:

  1. Open a POM in Deputy and apply the rules to it to compute the dependency graph.
  2. Now choose the menu item 'File/Export as Dependency Graph...' and save the graph to a file 'dependency-graph.xml'.
  3. Start Rational Rose with an empty model, choose menu item 'Tools/Roco/Import Dependency Graph...'. and select the file saved in the previous step.
  4. Now you can drag the generated classes on a diagram and arrange them as desired. Dependency arrows will be drawn automatically by Rose when you place related classes on the diagram.